About Us

Our company that produced the Dust Reduction system for the first time in Turkey in 1997, registered the system on behalf of Sismak with the USEFUL MODEL certificate of the Turkish Patent Institute in 2000.

SİSMAK, which has a market share of more than 80% in Turkey, exports products and services in this field on the basis of turnkey or projecting abroad as a result of its foreign works initiated in 1999.

Our company, which has become a sought-after brand abroad with its successful projects, exports to more than 50 countries. Our company, which is the first choice and solution partner of world-renowned companies, continues to contribute to the sector with its professional and expert team.

Our company, which has become an icon in the field of dust reduction and environmental protection, has created a sector in Turkey thanks to this initiative it started 25 years ago and has provided thousands of people with job opportunities and solutions to thousands of environmental problems.

With the responsibility that our leading position in the industry places weight upon us, it is our main duty to always offer our customers better. As the Sismak family, our aim is to share our quarter-century of experience with our industrialist and to produce sustainable and specific solutions to environmental problems, thus carrying the environmental awareness and love that we are all responsible for to future generations.