SİSMAK Container Applications

All of the system equipment in Container applications are placed in a container and sent to the customer ready to work in all-inclusive Container Applications.

The customer places the container in a suitable place on the construction site and only connects the main water supply (from the entrances located outside the container).

After the water and air lines from the container to the Nozzles are drawn and connected, the system is ready for operation. It provides ease of use to the customer and shortens the installation time considerably. Although this saves time for the customer, it is a more durable application since the system equipment is fully protected.

Container Content / Optional

  • Compressor (assembled and placed)
  • Expansion Tank (1.000 Lt)
  • Compressor air outlet exhaust / connection and ventilation window with cover
  • Compressor air intake / inlet window and filtered ventilation panel
  • Main water inlet filter (Disc or Havzing filter)
  • Sismak Control Cabinets
  • Sismak Electronic Units and Remote Controls (100 mt)
  • Booster / Water pump set
  • Booster expansion tank

  • Main Fuse Panel / Separate fuse for each equipment in the Container
  • Compressor / water booster and outlet air / water installations
  • Hose – plumbing connection from the Control Cabinets to the outside of the container
  • Mains power supply outside the container / inlet socket with cover and protection
  • Heating / Cooling and / or Air Conditioning according to the region used
  • Door entry / exit equipment with panic bar
  • In-container LED lighting
  • Cable channels with sockets and switch buttons that go around the entire container

Application Videos